18 Best Ways to Meet New People in Your New City

Apr 2019
Best Ways to Meet New People in Your New City

Now, you have moved all your things to your new home in a new city, anywhere in India, that you have no idea about the city, its day-to-day activities, events, places, people, etc. India is a multilingual & multicultural country; there are many states and each state has its own city, language, people, food habits, culture, customs, and a lot more. Although you are excited to explore your new city, it might be a quite daunting experience for you at the same time.

To meet new people or your community insiders, be ready to step out of your home and go out for some places, events, clubs, etc., to explore things. It would be better if you start your first meeting with the person you already know; this will make you feel comfortable and will give you the confidence to begin some conversation with other people as well. 

Think about your self-interests, activities, and hobbies, as these activities will make it easily possible and enjoyable for you, to know your new city & make new friends there. Find out some ideas given in the list below to meet new people and to become friends at new spots or any social events in your new city.

List of Social Activity Spots in a Metro City

Physical Activities

Physical Actvities

  • Go to a Gym: We all know how important physical fitness is, joining a gym is one of the best ways to get involved in a physically active event to get social and to stay fit. Try to join any special exercise coaching classes at your gym to find out your new gym mates to become friends and also to build your muscles strong. So, find and join well-known gyms in your city such as Gold's Gym, Fitness One, Cult fit, Snap Fitness, Fitness First, Viva Fitness Centre, etc.
  • Join a Running Group: Some running and road race clubs conduct running events during the communal events in the city, where you can meet other runners and build your friendship. Beginners and experienced runners can enjoy the benefits of meeting the runner community by using a few apps like Strava, Nike+ Run Club, Runkeeper, Mapmyrun, PumaTrac, etc.
  • Join a Sports Club: Try to join any sports team or club, if you want to have more fun and find out new friends in the sports club. It doesn’t matter whether you are athletic or not, you can prefer your own game based on your interests such as choosing any game like football, volleyball, boxing, cricket, etc. Find and join the new sports clubs available in the city.
  • Join a Self-defense Class: I am sure you all will agree that self-defense is as important as physical fitness in today’s world. Basic self-defense is a must for anyone, may it be for yourself or your kids. You can have fun while learning and get some new friends too at your karate or martial arts classes. 
  • Go to a Dance Class: You don’t have to be a professional dancer to join a dance center during the later stage of your life. This is one of the greatest methods to find new friends and to get involved in the type of dance you like. Try to perform some dance practices at social places such as bars or clubs, outside your dance coaching center. In your city, you can find some top dance training schools like Veve Dance, Latin Dance India, ITA school of Arts, Delhi Dance Academy, etc.

Knowledge or Skill Development

Knowledge or Skill Development

  • Go to the Library or Join a Book Reading Club: One of the best spots to find new friends is to visit your nearest public or private library in the city and, become a member at any book library near your locality and involve in discussions with your book readers’ community, regarding new books. Else, try to join any book reading club over the web such as India Book Club, Online Book Club, Goodreads, etc.
  • Attend New Language Classes: Learning any new language can only benefit you, going to a language coaching center or attending some online learning classes is one of the good ways to meet and make new friends in the city. In India alone, there are so many different local languages. It is better to know some of the local languages of India, as it can help you to communicate with people whenever you move to a new city. You can also learn foreign languages if you are planning to go abroad in the future.
  • Join a Drawing or Art & Craft Program: These kinds of programs are stress-busters, it will also help you develop your motor skills. Don’t worry you will anyhow find people with the same interests and make new friends too.

Socializing Activities

Socializing Actvities

  • Visit Pubs/ Cafe with Events: If you want to meet new people to make friends quickly, you can even go to a local pub, cafe, or brewery tour. These places would generally have a quiz or trivia nights to attract more customers and people would join these events forming teams by becoming members at these pubs/ cafes. Trivia managers could place people who are not in a team along with a group of people like you, who are new to the game.

  • Join a Local Online Community: Another good method to find new people and make friends online is by joining Facebook or WhatsApp community. Try to find out some local groups through your Facebook portal by using the city name in your search and find your local group activities online. You can also meet new people is by joining the online meeting platform “Meetup.com”. It is a platform that helps you to find and meet new people, build communities, learn new things, etc.

  • Have Apps to Find New Places and Events: This is the latest way of finding new places to meet new people to make friends digitally by using an app on your smartphone. There are some greatest mobile apps to help you find out new places and events to be conducted in the city such as Meetup, Eventbrite, Hangtime, Field Trip, Spotsetter, Vamos, and many more.

  • Host a Housewarming Party: One of the best ways to make new friends in your new city is by hosting a housewarming party and inviting people from your neighbors. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to your neighbors and also get to know people in your locality, & make new friends.

Cultural Activities

Cultural Actvities

  • Join Cultural or Religious Community Group: This is one of the good ways to meet new people and become friends by sharing the love of your culture or religion. As India is a multicultural country, visiting local temples frequently, joining payers at local church, attending Namaz at the local mosque will make you engage with new people of your same religion or culture. If you don’t believe in a religious-based community, look out for any local cultural clubs in the city that represents your culture.

  • Attend Any Festive Events: Taking part in local festivals is also a good opportunity to find new people. Festivals involve fun, culture, dance, competitions, games, stage shows, etc. To know about the upcoming festivals and events in the new city, check the events section in newspapers or on news websites. Also, you can take part in other festivals such as food, music, and art to be conducted in the city.

Recreational Activities

Recreational Actvities

  • Visit nearby Lake/ Beach: When you go to a beach or a lake nearby, you would get more opportunities to meet new people by taking a water-based game such as paddle boarding, boating, yachting, etc. Else, pick a volleyball game or just relax with a great book in the sand. Hence, spending your time in a lake or a beach would be a fun and interesting activity to find out about new people to make friends in the city.

  • Take Your Dog for a Walk: If you have a dog, take your dog for a walk along with you to the nearest park in your new city. This is another good way to find new people in your new city by starting a conversation with other pet lovers around the park.

  • Visit a Zoo or National Park: Going to a national park or a zoo to find new people would be a fun and interesting thing for you and your kids. Here, you can view different types of animals by taking a safari ride, along with other viewers. Also here, you would get the opportunity to discuss about yourself, animals, national parks, and many other things to build new friendships. To find more about national parks to visit in India, see here.

  • Take Your Kids to Aquarium or Museum: Visiting a museum or an aquarium is one of the good choices to meet new people. Get to know different kinds of museums available around the new city, using the internet on your smartphone. Also, you can visit aquariums to meet new friends along with admiring the beauty of sea creatures and colorful calm fishes.


Mentioned above are some of the ideas that you can follow to find new people and make new friends in your new city. Try visiting a local market or grocery shop and get more chances to meet shop owners and get some information about their business do they offer home delivery, etc. Or join a business event/ group, as a network shared by business professionals/ owners could turn into friends for lifelong. 

Be confident and feel happy about building your new social groups to make your beautiful life more lovely.

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