11 Awesome DIY Projects You Can Do to Spruce up Your Interiors

Jan 2022
11 Awesome DIY Home Interior Ideas

Your home interiors speak a lot about you; it tells what kind of person you are by reflecting your personality. Your home interiors make your home feel cozy, aesthetically appealing, provoke positivity, and boost creativity.

If you want to make requisite changes to your home interiors, you can hire professional interior designers. But, if you have a small budget and a lot of time; make use of this opportunity to have a good time with your family. Sit with your family, discuss what type of interior you want, the central theme, paint colors for each room, etc., then DIY it. By decorating your home by yourself, you save a lot of money and give your home a personal touch. You can also look for some budget home decor ideas to get more views.

Good Color Scheme

DIY 1: Choose a Good Color Scheme for the House

Color up your home and give it a bold and trendy look; a fresh coat of paint can instantly transform a space. Choose a good color scheme; you just need to have a good eye on what works out best for your home. If you are confused about which colors blend well with each other, the best go-to option for you is pastel colors; they are the current trend and have a soothing impact.

Declutter Home

DIY 2: Declutter Your Home to Add More Free Space

Clean up and sort out all the broken and unused things blocking space at your home; get rid of them to get some free space in your home or add new aesthetics. You can either sell the usable items or donate to a charity; you can DIY to re-purpose them.

Add Texture Color

DIY 3: Add Texture & Color to the Space

Texture is equally important to color, especially if you want to go for a single color theme like all-grey or all-white. A single color scheme room might look boring; you can add a velvet chair, colorful cushions, rugs, etc., to give your all-white room a striking look at first glance. No matter what your style is, try to add plenty of texture by bringing numerous textiles, as these elements please the eyes and create a cozy environment.

Add some throw pillows to give a sassy and cozy vibe to your room. If you already have some cushions or throw pillows, simply change their covers to give them a fresh look.

Furniture Recycle Reuse

DIY 4: Use Furniture to Change Your Living Space Look

By simply changing the position of your sofa set, coffee table, bookshelves, TV unit, etc., you can quickly give a fresh look and add flair to your home without actually spending anything. As the furniture covers up ample space in your home, rearranging helps you see things differently. You can also polish or add a new cover to your furniture for an updated look.

Help your old furniture find a new purpose; repurpose your old ladder to a coat stand, paint your dressing table, or make a side table out of your old broken shutter door. (try any DIY craft of your own.)

Plants Improve Air Quality

DIY 5: Go Green & Improve Air Quality with Indoor Plants

Get connected to mother nature and re-energize yourself by adding some indoor plants. They are a great addition to your home decor; they are inexpensive and easy to maintain. If you have more space at your home, you can set up a home garden, as plants purify the air around your and promote healthy living.

Showcase Personal Artwork

DIY 6: Showcase Your/Kid’s Artwork at Home

A single statement artwork is enough to make your space look classy, but they could be expensive. Instead, you can buy it from a local artist/ get unique artwork at low prices or DIY with colors to make an exclusive painting for you.

Or, give your place a personal touch without breaking your bank. Showcase your hidden talents instead of buying statement artworks; let your kids play with colors and create unique artwork, to give a personal touch to your home.

DIY Walls

DIY 7: DIY Walls & Create Hand-Crafted Designs

This gives a personal touch to any room; just take a sponge or brush and some leftover paint to create a hand-crafted design of your own. This can completely upgrade the look of your home at a minimal cost. Or simply just buy any stencil/ order customized stencil and start painting.

Wall of Memories

DIY 8: Turn One Wall to a Wall of Memories

Give your home a personalized touch, hang photo frames of your family, loved ones, friends, from a trip/ vacation, your favorite pictures of yourself, etc. These frames can do more than decorating your place; each image narrates a story and represents memories that can’t be re-lived.

Organize Kitchen

DIY 9: Ensure Kitchen looks Well-Organized & Neat

Putting a label on your kitchen containers not only makes your kitchen look well-organized but also avoids confusion while cooking; you will know whether you are picking salt or sugar, as they both look identical. You can either buy printed labels from the market or just showcase your calligraphy skills.

DIY Curtains

DIY 10: Experiment with Colors, Textiles & Dyeing

Try to tie or dip dye your curtains, napkins, bed sheets, sofa/ cushion covers, etc., to create a design of your own for your home. You can choose any color of your choice and create your own color hue with your favorite colors, or you can also check online for some color combination ideas that will suit your home interior theme.

Tip: Add some pom-pom’s or fringe trim to your tie/dip-dyed textiles to give Boho look to your home.

Showcase Cllectibles

DIY 11: Showcase Your Special Collectibles

Most of us love collecting things; some like antique pieces, some go for stamps, others go for currencies of different countries, old coins, or literally anything people are interested in. Instead of storig them away, display them as part of your home decor as the house will look unique from others.

You can find interesting new/ second-hand things for your home at flea markets/ thrift stores at cheap costs. Even if some items may be slightly damaged, they can easily be fixed with some paint or polish.

We have mentioned some makeover ideas to spruce up your home interior; try fusing these to give your place a luxury magazine look. DIY is always the best idea to decorate your home and give it a personal touch, but hire professional interior designers if you want to make some major changes to your house interiors.

Refer to some online blogs and journals to know how to hire a professional interior designer based on your requirements and budget.

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