Moving an antique collection is one of the most hectic things during relocation. Whether you own the best collection of antique pieces or having some antique collection passing through generations, it needs a lot of attention and care while moving from one place to another. To make your antique and fine art moving safe it is a must to hire professional and experienced packers and movers. They have years of experience in dealing with antique moving so they ensure that the items arrive at the destination exactly in the same condition when they are picked up from the source. Here are the services our relocation companies provide.

Pre-move survey

They conduct a pre-move survey before the move. They collect all the required information from the client and note down their requirements. They take a look at the antique pieces and fine artworks to plan the move perfectly.

Perfect Packing

While moving an antique thing or an artwork it is mandatory to cover it with perfect packing before the move. Our packers and mover use specialized packing materials like double or triple-walled cartons, cushioning, bubble, and stretch wraps to make the antiques move more reliable and safe not even a scratch on them.

Loading and Unloading

They follow all the necessary steps to load and unload the antiques with specialized equipment and also make sure that the antique moving is done without any damage.

Suitable Trucks

They prefer to pick a suitable truck to transport antique items, fine arts, and sculptures to ensure safe transportation, as they care about your valuable things.

Transit Insurance

You can avail insurance coverage for your valuable and sentimental things to make sure that that move is going to be done in safe hands.

Timely Doorstep Delivery

They provide on-time delivery at your destination and handle every item with care as they are their own things. If needed, they also provide assembling the things at your destination as per your instructions.

Things to Consider Before Moving Antiques

  • Before confirming the quote from a moving company, note down the list of antiques & arts you have. Make sure if your delicate fine arts need any special crating for their safe transportation and inform it to the packers and movers.
  • Make sure you have photos of the antiques in detail or make a detailed video of the antique before the move. Having a photographed proof of the condition of your fine art makes it easier to find any damage that happened during the transit and then you can claim the insurance on it.
  • Get a professional appraisal for the value of your antiques. For high-end antiques, it is best to visit an appraiser who is specialized in that specific antique. Get a clear comprehensive description of your particular antique or art which is mainly used for insurance purposes.
  • Insurance is the main thing to consider before hiring an antique moving service. Check whether they are providing insurance to your antiques shifting or not and ask what type of insurance they are providing.
  • Before packing clean all the antiques with mild cleansers. Don’t use oil or wax infused cleaning products as they soften the original finishing.
  • Pack the antiques with quality materials to avoid any scratches on them. Otherwise, hire specialized packing services from your packers and movers as they pack the antiques very carefully and securely using double wrapping techniques with quality cushioned and bubble wrapping materials.

Antique moving may be the toughest task when it comes to relocation but hiring the best packers and movers will make your antique move very easy with proper preparation and careful moving techniques and ensure that your antiques and art items are moved without a scratch on them.

You can trust AssureShift to find well experienced and reputed moving companies who are experts at handling your antiques which are a treasure to you. Get a quote today and enjoy your shift with our trusted partners.

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